General Cargo Supervision and Inspection

Cargo Condition Inspection

Why it is Needed?

Cargo inspections are conducted in order to verify that the description of cargo meets quality standards. In addition, it is imperative to examine the shipping documents to identify cargo and select containers or vessels to inspect before delivery.

Meet Requirements

They ensure the cargo matches the description in the documentation, that it is packed and marked accurately, and that the quantity and weight are accurate. It also ensures its role in exporting goods.

Steel Cargo Loading and Discharge Operation Supervision

Draft Survey

Pre-shipment surveys

Normally, an inspection is conducted before shipping to determine the value and condition of the product, since receiving a product by de-mannered means is extremely frustrating. A pre-shipment inspection provides assurance that your products meet your quality standards before they are shipped.

Bulk Cargo Loading and Discharge Monitoring

Hold inspection, prior to loading, is a service to verify if the vessels hold is ready to receive your cargo without contaminating it. We also complete hatch inspections to prevent a cargo defect by ensuring that the ship’s hatch cover seals and securing arrangements are complete.

We ensure that vessel holds are ready to receive your valuable cargo by inspecting and verifying the load compartment prior to loading. We will check if the hold is dry, clean, free from rust or rust flakes and paint that could harm or discolour your cargo.

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