Services, Mission and Vision

The Company activities include investigations, survey, Cargo inspection and loss adjustment of marine and non-marine claims.

Comprehensive quality and compliance solutions to bring trust and visibility to your supply chain.

  • Reduce Risk
  • Avoid expensive re-inspection
  • Protect your Brand
  • Avoid last minute business surprises
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Marine Cargo Survey

  • Cargo Quality Check

  • Shippers’ Interest Survey

  • Consignees’ Survey

  • Draft Survey

  • Motors Survey

  • Tally Survey

  • General Cargo Containers Inspection

  • Vegetables and Fruits – carrying in controlled temperature

  • Frozen Food Products (Frozen Chicken, Meat, Cheese, Ice Cream, Chocolate etc.)

  • Temp Controlled Items (Cosmetic Products, Medicines etc.)

  • Steel Cargo Loading and Discharge Operation Supervision

  • Bulk Cargo Loading and Discharge Monitoring

  • Pre-shipment surveys

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